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International IPR Management 2018                

1 Purpose

The “International IPR Management” course covers the fundamental aspects of intellectual property from business perspective. The course is organized by combining series of lectures and workshops by guest speakers for better understanding the IPR management through real issues in business scene. In order to facilitate effective interactive process in case based teaching, a number of enrolled students could be restricted. In this process, students in the TMI departments as well as those in TMI sub-major have some priority.   .       

2 Schedule   tentative 


1. Orientation;Watanabe   Oct.1

2.      Introduction; What is IP and IPR?  From Business Perspective ; Watanabe  Oct.15

3.      Patent Management: Mr. Saito Oct. 22

4.      Trademark and design; Dr. Yosioka  Oct.29

5.      Counterfeitings and pirates; Dr. Takano  Nov.5   

6.      IPR related contract and Licensing, Watanabe  Nov.12 

7.      Trade secret management; Dr. Hirai Nov.26

8.      Case Study on IP Management ,IP strategy of Spinoff, D.Okumura  Dec.3

9.      Employee invention management and University technology transfer; Watanabe Dec.10 

10.   Case study on IP management ,Oizumi IPC  Dec.17

11.   Case study on IP management Ⅲ Dr.Jari Vaario, Nokia Jan.7

12.   IP negotiation role play Jan.21 Mr. Futamata

13.   IP negotiation role play Jan.28  Mr. Futamata

14.   final examination


3. Time and Place


From 18:45 to 20:30 at Lounge Lecture of Faculty of Engineering Building No.3


4. Complementary e-leaning Program


Students who register this course are required to study e-learning program “IP Panorama”.

Web site is http://www.wipo.int/sme/en/multimedia/

IP panorama was developed jointly by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) . IP PANORAMA was designed to help enterprises to utilize and manage Intellectual Property (IP) in their business strategy and deals with IP issues from a business perspective. It is helpful for students who know little about IP and how to utilize it in business scene.  

  For this class, six modules from 12 modules open on the site are selected as followings. All students are requested to study them for modules until final examination.    


IP PANORAMA 01: Importance of IP for SMEs

IP PANORAMA 02: Trademarks and Industrial Designs

IP PANORAMA 03: Invention and Patent

IP PANORAMA 04: Trade Secrets

IP PANORAMA 06: Patent Information

IP PANORAMA 07: Technology Licensing in a Strategic Partnership                         

IP PANORAMA 11: Valuation of IP Assets


5. Homework assignment


Students are required to do homework assignment to prepare for some of classes. The homework assignments will be a combination of questions and exercises asking students to draw on readings, and internet resources. These assignments will be designed to foster interactive discussion and better understanding of the each topic. After the class, the homework assignment will have to be submitted.     


6. Class reports


Students are requested to submit a class report at the end of each class. In the class report, write the important points which you have studied in the class into a one-page summary  


7. Final Examination


Final Examination is a paper test regarding issues you learn in the classes and some of questions in IP PANORAMA 


8. Evaluation


Evaluation will be made by weighted average of the following items 

Class Participation  : 30 %

Class Report  : 30%

Final Examination :40%

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→ Homework before class, acess to the website below and answer questions   


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